What is or who is jew crime accomplice

15 Mar

Example person: David Icke, Lech Wałęsa ( Lejba Kohne ), Vladimir Putin, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein

Example organization: NPD of Germany, NATO, UN, ADL, Anonymous, Weinstein Brothers, DreamWorks

Example organized action: OWS, ACTA,  SOPA

Expect long list and continuous update.

Each name will soon be linked to the description of committed crimes.


The evidence which shows the criminal cult admiting the crimes

10 Mar

The Vimeo based video…


Brendon Speaks …

10 Mar

Brendon Speaks from Casuarina Prison

See the blog…

Get Brendon O’Connell out of jail

10 Mar

Brendan, I suspect your lawyer is either incompetent or on the side of jews.
In every country including Australia but excluding israhell there is a law which states that if group of people practice a religion which preaches genocide of other group, they are criminals and should be indited, charged and punished according to what the law prescribes.
So, based on that you ware acting as self-appointed prosecutor and investigative journalist in order to enforce justice. Such action is an obligation on a part of every citizen of the World except those of irahell.
So, now you must file a case against the judge who put you in jail illegally.
To do that you need a lawyer who is capable and willing to dig-out this law and file the case in top Australian court as well as in international court of human right.
Also he should expose this law in all media sites relevant to human rights protection.
Hunger strike and or political asylum will not get you out of jail.
You need your full physical and mental capacity to use the Australian law to get you out of jail.

I hope this message gets delivered to you as soon as possible.

Best of lack…


Brendon, here is the Australian criminal law reference in PDF format:


If you want to file the case yourself then this will help you identify what crimes the jews and law enforcement officials have committed against you and the rest of the World’s population.

You should also study the limitation of free speech in Australia and Worldwide, Which will help you protect your self against falling into the traps which other martyrs had fallen into.